2022 EURO MASTERS REGATTA ON TOUR: 16-19 JUNE 2022 Presented by I Feel Slovenia


Euro Masters Regatta on Tour 2021

16 – 19 September 2021


16 – 19 June 2022

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25 – 28 May 2023

10 – 12 June 2022

It is strongly advised that participants fly to the Ljubljana Airport, which is an international airport only 25-minute drive from Bled.

Buses and trains to Slovenia run every day from numerous European cities.

Because of Slovenia’s central position in Europe, it is easily accessible by car. 

Postojna cave

Postojna, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj

Bohinj, Slovenia

Gulf of Piran

Piran, Slovenia




The Rowing Course on Lake Bled is in an amazing and quite unique position. The centre of thetown of Bled, all the entire infrastructure, hotels, restaurants and shops are situated on the lake shore itself as well as around the Rowing Course. Participants will be able to access the Rowing Course as well as all the other places of interest within walking distance.
The competitors start their race to the finish line with a stroke of their oars in the heart of a tourist venue, literally under the balconies of the luxurious hotels and coffeehouses, which is definitely very pleasant for the athletes and attractive for the viewers.
The unique island in the middle of the lake with the church is the bulwark and acts as a boundary to the course and, at the same time, a viewpoint of the course and the competitions. The fact that Bled Castle is watching over the lake and the course from a mighty rock is soothing. And it is also practical as it offers a magnificent view of the entire rowing course – from start to finish.

The eternal allure of Bled lies in its magical lake, a shimmering body of crystal-clear water embraced by a necklace of snowcapped Alpine peaks. Atop the lake reigns Slovenia’s only island, crowned by a 15thcentury chapel safely guarding its wishing bell, while high above it broods a mighty medieval castle.
Visitors to Bled are inspired by its mild
climate, fresh air, plentiful sunshine, clean water and tranquil serenity and charmed by the time-honoured ‘pletna’ boats that slowly glide across the lake. Horse-drawn carriages add to the town’s traditional flair, while the delicious cream cakes have also
passed into Bled folklore, having been baked

here since 1953, when the original recipe was invented.
Bled and its surrounding area, much of which falls within the Triglav National Park, ensure plentiful opportunities for spending an active day in the great outdoors, including golf on one of the most beautiful courses in Europe, white-water rafting, cycling and hiking. Recently, Bled’s ambitious and cosmopolitan chefs, who like to give new interpretations to the typical traditional dishes of the area, have managed to establish themselves among the very best in the country, thus adding to the pleasures of
visiting Slovenia’s Alpine pearl.