16 - 19 SEPTEMBER!

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The 2021 Euro Masters Regatta is confirmed!

The 2021 Euro Masters Regatta will take place in Bled from 16 to 19 September 2021. Currently, we have nearly 1000 participants from 24 countries. The regular entries are closed.

Late entries will still be possible until 13.00hrs (CET) the day before each race. Entries for Mixed events will be possible until 18 September 2021, 15.00hrs (CET).

You can still order additional services like parking and shuttle service using the online entry system.

If for any reason the situation will change and the regatta gets cancelled, all entry fees (including those who made boat rental reservation payments) will be refunded (minus 2.5% transaction fees) to their original mode of payment. In that case, also accommodation bookings thru the Organizing Committee will be refunded (except administrative and transaction costs).

Information before arrival

We have gathered relevant information that you should have before arrival to Slovenia.

Accreditation pick up

Accreditation will be approved and issued only to the participants fulfilling the COVID-19 RULE OF RECOVERED/VACCINATED/TESTED (test carried out in the previous 72 hours (PCR) or 48 hours (RAT) submitting a proper certificate.

The Covid-19 Digital Certificate or hard copies of certificates will be checked for every individual arriving to the venue and picking up the accreditation. The certificate along with the accreditation will be checked on regular basis on all entrance points to the venue.

Please note that entrance to the Boathouse Area and the Finish Area will be regularly checked since you are entering the regatta bubble. If you have two verifications on the accreditation (in case you have a certificate of vaccination or have a certificate of recovery from SARS-CoV-2 infection) you will have a fast track access to the boathouse area. In case you only have one verification on your accreditation, you will be asked to re-visit the Information and Accreditation Office to get the second verification after 72-hours (PCR) or 48-hours (RAT) of the presented test.

Those who will have a negative result of a molecular or antigen test will need to be re-tested after 72/48 hours. Tests can be made in the Bled Health Center. When the second negative test will be presented, the accreditation will be verified again. This procedure corresponds to the current government regulations.

Regatta “in a bubble”

The Organizing Committee will prepare a Covid-19 protection plan and organize the event “in a bubble”. The entrance to the regatta venue will be possible only with accreditation which will be received after presenting the EU digital COVID certificate (certificate of vaccination, negative result of a molecular or antigen test, carried out in the previous 48 hours, certificate of recovery from SARS-CoV-2 infection in the previous 6 months). Please note that the same procedure is required at the accommodation facilities and restaurants in Slovenia as well as when crossing the border. For more information regarding the entrance to Slovenia, please visit the official website


The main actions to be taken to be able to carry out sporting events safely and according to the guidelines of the authorities are:

  • social distancing obligation, a minimum of 1.5 meter,
  • obligation to use masks all around the venue (inside and outside),
  • wash or sanitize hands very often,
  • limit gatherings as much as possible and prevent potential risk situations,
  • frequently sanitize the sports facility and all areas of potential contagion,
  • carry out the event behind closed doors, access to the event only for athletes, professionals, volunteers after accreditation and authorisation of the state of health,
  • temperature measurement before accessing the sports facility. Access will not be allowed in the event of temperatures above 37.5 °C.

The Slovenian Police has launched a web application called Enter Slovenia to facilitate travelling to Slovenia. It is intended for passengers travelling to Slovenia or entering the country in order to transit through its territory. Using the application is not mandatory. 

Covid-19 tests

Covid-19 tests (PCR or RAT) will be available at the Bled Medical Center (Mladinska cesta 1, Bled):
Monday – Friday: 7:00 – 11:00 (PCR and RAT)
Saturday – Sunday: 7:00 – 8.30 (PCR)
Saturday – Sunday: 8:30 – 11:00 (RAT)
RAT test is 12€
PCR test is 80€

  • No pre-booking is possible
  • It is Participants’ responsibility to be aware of the demands and restrictions (what kind of test and when it needs to be conducted) to comply with the rules during the events and traveling back home. It is also Participants’ responsibility to pay the tests.

Note: The 2021 Euro Masters Regatta will not take place in Munich.  As the Olympic Regatta Centre is about to be prepared for the European Championships, Regatta München e.V. has moved the popular Masters event to Bled. The regatta will take place from 16 to 19 September 2021. The Masters-tried-and-tested organizing team in Slovenia will work closely with Regatta München and conjure up the well-known Euro Masters Regatta spirit on and around Lake Bled. Regatta München will be on site as host.


Regular entries are closed. Late entries will still be possible until 13.00hrs (CET) the day before each race. Entries for Mixed events will be possible until 18 September 2021, 15.00hrs (CET).

You can also order additional services like parking and shuttle service using the online entry system.

You can enter online at the link below. Entries are confirmed when the corresponding payment is made.


The races will be held from Thursday, 16 September 2021 till Sunday, 19 September 2021.

NEW: The new draw and schedule were announced for 16 September.

If your chosen event got cancelled because of only one entry you have two options:

  • You can register in different age group (lower age group) in the system (link to the system). We will consider it at the regular entry fee (not a late entry fee).
  • You can get a refund of the fee by your initial payment method (PayPal or bank account).

Please send information to until 03 September 2021 18:00hrs.



16 September 2021


17 September 2021


18 September 2021


19 September 2021

101MM 1x I-M141MM 1x C188MM 1x B226MM/W 2x D
102MW 4x A142MLM 1x C189MLM 1x B227MM/W 8+ A/B
103MW 2x F143MM 4- F190MW 8+ E228MM/W 2x E
104MM 2- B144MM 4+ I-M191MM 4+ D229MM/W 4x G-M
105MM 2x C145MM 2- A192MM 2x H230MM/W 8+ C
106MW 1x B146MM 8+ D193MM 4x C231MM/W 2x F
107MLW 1x B147MW 1x A194MM 2x F232MM/W 4x A
108MW 1x G-M148MLW 1x A195MM 4x A233MM/W 8+ D
109MW 2- D149MW 4x F196MW 2x B234MM/W 4x B
110MM 8+ I-M150MM 1x E197MW 4x D235MM/W 8+ E/F
111MM 4- A151MLM 1x E198MM 4- H236MM/W 2x G-M
112MW 2x C152MW 4- C199MM 4+ B237MM/W 4x C
113MM 1x G153MM 2x I200MM 4- E238MM/W 2x A
114MLM 1x G154MM 4x H201MW 8+ F239MM/W 4x D
115MW 4- A155MM 4+ C202MW 4x H-M240MM/W 2x B
116MM 2- E156MW 4+ D203MW 2- E241MM/W 4x E
117MW 1x E157MM 2- F204MW 1x C242MM/W 8+ G-M
118MLW 1x E158MW 2x E205MLW 1x C243MM/W 4x F
119MM 4+ H159MM 4+ A206MM 4x I244MM/W 2x C
120MW 4+ C160MM 4- D207MM 4+ G  
121MM 2x A161MW 8+ C208MW 8+ A  
122MM 8+ C162MW 4- F-M209MM 1x D  
123MM 2x E163MM 2x G210MLM 1x D  
124MW 8+ B164MM 2- I-M211MW 8+ D  
125MM 4- I-M165MM 4x B212MW 4x G  
126MW 8+ G-M166MW 2- B213MM 4- B  
127MW 1x D167MM 4- G214MM 4x E  
128MLW 1x D168MW 2- A215MW 4+ B  
129MM 2- G169MM 1x H216MM 2- H  
130MM 8+ B170MW 1x F217MM 1x F  
131MW 2x A171MLW 1x F218MLM 1x F  
132MM 4x F172MW 4+ A219MW 4x E  
133MM 1x A173MW 4- B220MW 2- C  
134MLM 1x A174MM 8+ E221MM 2x J-M  
135MM 4+ E175MW 2x D222MM 2- D  
136MM 8+ G176MM 4+ F223MM 8+ A  
137MW 4- E177MW 4+ E224MW 4+ F-M  
138MM 2x B178MM 4x D225MM 8+ F  
139MW 4x B179MM 2- C Masters Single  
140MW 2x G-M180MM 8+ H Trophy “JUTTA  

Masters Single

181MW 2- F-M DEUSCHL”  
 Trophy “JUTTA182MW 4x C    
 DEUSCHL”183MM 4x G    
  184MM 4x J-M    
  185MM 4- C    
  186MM 2x D    
  187MW 4- D    


Masters Single Trophy “JUTTA DEUSCHL”


Masters Single Trophy “JUTTA DEUSCHL”

Races in the program marked with an * will have Munich Masters Trophy finals on the same day evening or the following day. To take part in the Munich Masters Trophy, rowers must have already entered at together with the entry for the single sculls race and qualified as follows: They will be assigned to the six or seven fastest participants of all heats of the relevant races (The results in the respective lightweight races are also taken into account for the qualification. If lightweights qualify for the Munich Masters Trophy, they will not be weighed for the Trophy race.). For these finals, the rowers can only qualify in their own age category. The assignment will take place two hours after the last heat of the relevant event. 

If an event only consists of up to seven participants, the heat will be directly counted as the final race of the Munich Masters Trophy and the final in the evening or on the next day will not happen. There is no entry fee for the final races of the Munich Masters Trophy. The victory ceremony will take place immediately after each race at the victory pontoon.
The Trophy has been renamed to honour the former Vice-President of Regatta München e.V. and German national rower Jutta Deuschl. Jutta was a founding Board member of the Munich regatta association and a passionate and ambitious Masters rower. She significantly shaped the new format of the Euro Masters Regatta. Jutta died of cancer in January 2021 at the age of 47.


Bled probably has the most beautiful rowing course in the World.



Training will be possible inside the following time slots:

Before 14 September14 and 15 SeptemberOn racing days (16 – 19 September)
08:00 – 19:00During the venue opening hours, but only outside racing slots – up until 30 min before the first start of each racing session and 30 after the last start of each session.

Training camps will be possible from 6 September 2021 onwards using your own boat or renting it from Filippi. Please contact us for details at

The regatta course is within walking distance of most hotels and private pensions in the center of Bled, but shuttle transportation will be provided as well. You can book shuttle transportation or purchase a parking ticket in advance when making your entries.
All boats and trailers will be secured at the Boathouse Area and will be located very close to the lake to ensure a supreme rowing experience.


Other services like

  • parking,
  • shuttle transportation

will be available at the Bled Rowing Center. You can already reserve them using your registration.

Social gatherings will be announced later, depending on the situation and national regulations.

NEW – Official boat rental supplier appointed

Our official and exclusive supplier for the boat rental service is FILIPPI BOATS. You can make your boat reservations starting 1 July 2021 in the online registration system.

The price for the boat rental per seat is 30 €.


Bled – the jewel among the Alps – offers great accommodation options. Most of the hotels and private apartments are within walking distance of the Rowing Centre.

For booking please contact


Official Merchandise

You will have the chance to buy a perfect souvenir from the 2021 Euro Masters Regatta – official merchandise that will be available at the Boathouse area. T-shirts and visors with 2021 Euro Masters Regatta branding will be available at our partner’s stand Rowing Shop.
Rowing Shop was founded in 2006 as part of Organizational Marketing Markota Ltd., and since 2019 successfully operates as an independent company ROWING SHOP Ltd.
We are particularly proud of the TAKE IT TO WIN sportswear brand used by many clubs and national teams and rowers around the world.
More information is available at


Di-bi was born in 1976, initially the company produced clothing of all kinds, but since 1979 the company has specialized in rowing. To date, Di-bi serves 657 rowing clubs worldwide. For 6 years the company has expanded the range of products also with rowing shoes, and today they are the only ones on the market to have the shoe with the BOA technology double closure system, and collaborate with the most important boat builders in the world. Since 2020 Di-bi added a rowing line made with eco-sustainable products. More information is available on

JL Sport

We love rowing. We live rowing. 
Welcome to JLSPORT.DE
Visit for rowing shoes, clothing and technical equipment. 
For clubs, we provide exclusive team shops with customised outfits.

The World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023

The World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023 has been awarded to South Africa and will take place in September 2023 at Roodeplaat Dam in Tshwane (also known as Pretoria). South Africa is recognised as one of the world’s most colourful countries and boasts truly spectacular sunsets, the colours of which are reflected in the 2023 logo. Representatives of the organising committee will be coming to Euro Masters to race and to spread the news about this exciting event – the first World Masters event in Africa! Come and visit their stand and find out all you want to know about rowing in South Africa. The team have organised some true South African challenges and you may be lucky enough to win one of the many give-aways they have organised. You can’t miss the stand – it’s the loud colourful one.
All the information you need is on the World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023 website:

Rowing books by Rima Karaliene

Author Rima Karaliene. Rowing books. “Rowing Through The Barbed Wire Fence”, “Rowing To Niagara Falls”, “Tokyo 1964 through the viewfinder of an athlete from behind the Iron Curtain”, “My Colourful Rowing”, “My Colourful Rowing Regatta”.

RIMA KARALIENE is a former rower, the rowers’ daughter, the rower’s wife, and the rowers’ mother. She was born to a family of rowers when her Father was preparing for his first race at the Tokyo 1964Olympics.
Rowing became the way of her life, and researching stories in rowing has become her greatest passion.


More information at the official website.


More information at the official website.