16 – 19 JUNE 2022

Bled – a jewel among the Alps welcomes you to have an amazing masters rowing experience!

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The registrations will open on 1 April 2022!


The races will be held from Thursday, 16 June 2022 till Sunday, 19 June 2022.
The draw will be published on 30 May 2022.


16 June 2022


17 June 2022


18 June 2022


19 June 2022

101MM 1x I-M141MM 1x C188MM 1x B226MM/W 2x D
102MW 4x A142MLM 1x C189MLM 1x B227MM/W 8+ A/B
103MW 2x F143MM 4- F190MW 8+ E228MM/W 2x E
104MM 2- B144MM 4+ I-M191MM 4+ D229MM/W 4x G-M
105MM 2x C145MM 2- A192MM 2x H230MM/W 8+ C
106MW 1x B146MM 8+ D193MM 4x C231MM/W 2x F
107MLW 1x B147MW 1x A194MM 2x F232MM/W 4x A
108MW 1x G-M148MLW 1x A195MM 4x A233MM/W 8+ D
109MW 2- D149MW 4x F196MW 2x B234MM/W 4x B
110MM 8+ I-M150MM 1x E197MW 4x D235MM/W 8+ E/F
111MM 4- A151MLM 1x E198MM 4- H236MM/W 2x G-M
112MW 2x C152MW 4- C199MM 4+ B237MM/W 4x C
113MM 1x G153MM 2x I200MM 4- E238MM/W 2x A
114MLM 1x G154MM 4x H201MW 8+ F239MM/W 4x D
115MW 4- A155MM 4+ C202MW 4x H-M240MM/W 2x B
116MM 2- E156MW 4+ D203MW 2- E241MM/W 4x E
117MW 1x E157MM 2- F204MW 1x C242MM/W 8+ G-M
118MLW 1x E158MW 2x E205MLW 1x C243MM/W 4x F
119MM 4+ H159MM 4+ A206MM 4x I244MM/W 2x C
120MW 4+ C160MM 4- D207MM 4+ G  
121MM 2x A161MW 8+ C208MW 8+ A  
122MM 8+ C162MW 4- F-M209MM 1x D  
123MM 2x E163MM 2x G210MLM 1x D  
124MW 8+ B164MM 2- I-M211MW 8+ D  
125MM 4- I-M165MM 4x B212MW 4x G  
126MW 8+ G-M166MW 2- B213MM 4- B  
127MW 1x D167MM 4- G214MM 4x E  
128MLW 1x D168MW 2- A215MW 4+ B  
129MM 2- G169MM 1x H216MM 2- H  
130MM 8+ B170MW 1x F217MM 1x F  
131MW 2x A171MLW 1x F218MLM 1x F  
132MM 4x F172MW 4+ A219MW 4x E  
133MM 1x A173MW 4- B220MW 2- C  
134MLM 1x A174MM 8+ E221MM 2x J-M  
135MM 4+ E175MW 2x D222MM 2- D  
136MM 8+ G176MM 4+ F223MM 8+ A  
137MW 4- E177MW 4+ E224MW 4+ F-M  
138MM 2x B178MM 4x D225MM 8+ F  
139MW 4x B179MM 2- C Masters Single  
140MW 2x G-M180MM 8+ H Trophy “JUTTA  

Masters Single

181MW 2- F-M DEUSCHL”  
 Trophy “JUTTA182MW 4x C    
 DEUSCHL”183MM 4x G    
  184MM 4x J-M    
  185MM 4- C    
  186MM 2x D    
  187MW 4- D    


Masters Single Trophy “JUTTA DEUSCHL”



The Organizing Committee has prepared a great selection of accommodation possibilities with special prices for the rowers.

You can book your stay at accommodation@bledrowing.com

Accommodation optionPrice per person per night in a double room
Hotel 3* / Private apartment 4**** 54 €
Hotel 3*** superior 66 €
Hotel 4**** 78 €
Hotel 4**** superior 90 €
Hotel 5*****102 €

All prices are with VAT.
Additional cost for local tourist tax: 3,13 EUR per person per day and registration fee at the hotel: 1 EUR.



Bled probably has the most beautiful rowing course in the World.